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Arabic Grammar


In this section, I will post an Aayat of the Qur'an or Hadeeth containing a grammar rule―along with an explanation of each.


There is no particular order for these . . . just whatever comes to my mind.(1)


As mentioned previously, I will usually give a reference number for these to Dr V.'s three-series Medinah grammar books when necessary I.e :

[Duroos 3, Lesson 16] 

Or one of his other two primary books :

[al-Mus'if, al-aayat 34] 


(1) Emphasis [Part 1]

(2) Emphasis [Part 2]


 These are charts/poster-like printable A-4 ideas based on a variety of grammar rules within Dr V. Abdur Rahim's three-book series :

(1) Tools (Book 3, Lesson 7)

(2) Verb Chart : 1 (Book 1)

(3) Verb Chart : 2 (Book 2)

(4) Verb Chart : 3 (Book 2)

(5) How to find words in an Arabic Dictionary

(6) Verb Chart : 4 (Book 2)

(7) Emphasis

(8) Emphasis

(9a) I'raab of Nouns (Book 3)

(9b) I'raab of Verbs (Book 3)

(9c) Supplement to the I'raab of Nouns and Verbs



(1) Two of the greatest scholars of recent times; ash-ashanqeeti (of Mauritania) and al-albaani (of Albania) wrote this way in their most celebrated of works. The former in his taf-seer (أضْواء الْبيانِ), the latter in his (سِلْسِلِة الأحاديث) series.
This method keeps the reader alert as well as unprepared for what may come. This, in my opinion, has more impact, wa Allahu a'lam. (والله أعْلمُ).


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