The New Editions of Duroos Al-lughati Al-Arabiyyah


These books (for all 5 levels―as I will mention shortly) are almost 20 years of work, changes and―most importantly―practical use in the classroom. I am publishing them now, only after having taught these books extensively, seen mistakes I've made, or room for enhancement, made improvements, and then did that all over again, and again, and again.(1)


Additionally, my students whom I've taught over the years, and to whom much of the underlining credit is due―are just average people. I've been teaching Dr V. Abdur Rahim's books to children in a regular public school (ages 7-11).

I've taught housewives, students of all levels, teachers, farmers, retirees', imams, doctors, and even Arabic university graduates. I have corrected their homework assignments and seen them grow and progress, learn and improve. 

I've learn that Arabic is indeed easy. Arabic is most definitely graspable for even the most common of people, in spite of what―sadly―so many seem to be assured the opposite of.


Much of the blog (الْمُدَوَّنَة) will concern advice regarding the teaching methodology which―In sha Allah―is most beneficial to the learner. And, since in fact, the teacher himself/herself may feel as though they are re-learning as they teach, then there will be advice for them.


I've taught the first book (Dr V. Abdur Rahim's دُروسُ اللُّغةِ العربيّةِ لِغيرِ النّاطِقينَ بِها) probably 60 times, the second book 50 times, the third 40, and so on all the way to the "fifth" book(2) (الْمُسْعِـف).


In the process I've developed a bit of an unorthodox approach towards teaching, which―In sha Allah―I hope maximises the benefit for the student.


I've discussed these ideas over the years with Abdur Rahim and have contact with him with an almost imaginable number of issues, talking with him, on occasions, for hours. His personal blog― is nothing less than superb. 


Here, at my blog, I will offer what I can to encourage the visitor that Arabic is not only easy, it is very easy. Furthermore, the way it is often taught―particularly to non-Arabs―is shamelessly terrible―to say the least.


Comments are also based on the upcoming NEW 2013-2014 printing. (See sample links below). These new printings of Dr V. Abdur Rahim's famous three-volume Medinah grammar books (دُروسُ اللُّغةِ العربيّةِ لِغيرِ النّاطِقينَ بِها), as well as his children's books, contains a host of new exercises, pictures and benefits not available anywhere else.



*  *  *  *  *


The new editions of Dr V. Abdur Rahim's books (well, sets of books), complete with new content, are as follows :

The Madinah Course (for Children) : Seven Books
Three children's books (the first of which is mine, and for pre-school). These are also called (دُروسُ اللُّغةِ العربيّةِ لِغيرِ النّاطِقينَ بِها) but with the addition in the title 'For Children' (للأطْفال).

The Madinah Course (for Adults) : Three Sets
Dr V.'s famous three-series grammar book (دُروسُ اللُّغةِ العربيّةِ لِغيرِ النّاطِقينَ بها) which is the standard syllabus in the Islamic University at Medinah language center (مَعْهَدُ اللُّغةِ).

The Advanced Madinah Course (Level One) 
Dr V.'s Nusoos min al-hadeeth an-nabawiyyi ash-shareef, (نُصوصٌ من الحديث النَّبويّ الشريف). I often refer to this as Dr. V. Abdur Rahim's "forth" book.


The Advanced Madinah Course (Level Two)
Al-mus'if (الْمُسْعِـفُ). I often refer to this as Dr V.'s "fifth" book.(1)


These can then be broken down as follows : 


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The Madinah Course for Children : Seven Books 
دُروسُ اللُّغةِ العربيّةِ لِغيرِ النّاطِقينَ بِها-لِلأَطْـفـال




The Children's Books Set is for pre-school (kindergarten students) until the forth year of grammar school.

It contains the following :


(1) An Arabic calligraphy book, easy and with plenty of room for practise. More of a hands-on writing skill's book than formal calligraphy. It is in black and white. (See samples HERE)

(2) First Level Children's Arabic for first year student, or even kindergarten. Big words, and lots of repetition make it a very suitable first-time Arabic book. It is specifically designed for those who can at least read Arabic. In other words, it is intended not to be challenging, but rather to be a mere introduction to the Arabic language. It is in full color. (See samples HERE), and for PowerPoint presentations, see 'Children's Books', under the heading 'Dr V.'s Books'.

(3) The First Level Workbook in full color. (See samples HERE)
Click HERE to see samples of actual written homework assignments of First Level Children's Arabic.

(4) Second Level Children's Arabic. This is a natural continuation of Level One with lots of repetition, big words and pictures in full color. (See samples HERE)

(5) The Second Level Workbook in full color. (See samples HERE)
Click HERE to see samples of actual written homework assignments of Level Two Children's Arabic.

(6) Third Level Children's Arabic. This is a continuation of Level Two. Full color. (See samples HERE)

(7) The Third Level Workbook in full color. (See samples HERE)
Click HERE to see samples of actual written homework assignments of Third Level Children's Arabic.

Additionally, there is an entire downloadable 'Teacher's Module' for these books, PowerPoint demonstrations (Flash format), Calligraphy-writing videos and more. All under 'Children's Books', under the heading 'Dr V.'s Books'.


The Madinah Course (for Adults) : 

SET ONE : Four Books
دُروسُ اللُّغةِ العربيّةِ لِغيرِ النّاطِقينَ بِها-الْمُسْتَوى الأوّل





Note that the new content in this first set is very similar to the type of new content of the remainder of the sets.

1- Dr V. Abdur Rahim's Book One, new edition (See samples HERE) :
It contains :

   (1) Large A-4 sized paper easy for writing in.

   (2) Dozens of new pictures explaining those words.
   (3) Full color.
   (4) Maps of all the countries mentioned (Where 
         exactly is Sri Lanka?)


   (5) New exercises, oral and written, and lots of them.
   (6) Word repetition. A must for first-time learners.
   (7) ALL new words in each lesson are mentioned at   
         the end of every lesson. This is an important feature
         found in this printing alone.

2- The Exercise/Workbook Book (كِتابُ التَّمارِينِ). 

Click HERE to download a PDF sample of the book.
Click HERE to download a PDF sample of actual written homework assignments of Book One.

These contain several types of exercises and benefits :
   (1) Chapter-by-chapter exercises. When you finish 
         learning each chapter, you can then see how much 
         you really know! I've had―believe it or 
         not―university graduates (Yes, Plural!) who cannot 
         pass the first book test (at the end of the exercise 
         book). So, don't think your Arabic is all that good by 
         merely reading the book on your own. Arabic is a 
         living language. Don't kill it! (see these samples  

Note also these are NOT merely the exercises of the first-level in book-form. Rather this is a complete chapter-by-chapter quiz-book.

In the second and third level, the students will start facing questions on the Qur'anic grammar as well as others from hadeeth. This is unique.



   (2) Colorful diagrams explaining the rules :


   (3) Copying the text of some of the passages from 
         the book. This―albeit a boring―is a must to drill the  
         student. (as in these samples below) Mind you, this is 
         for the first level only, as the second level will assume 
         you can write. Right?












   (4) Forming sentences, either through arranging words, 
         or simply making your own sentences. (as below)


   (5) Correcting incorrect sentences. (as below)









   (6) Matching words studied in each lesson with their 
         meanings, or matching opposites (below)












   (7) Basic drills on the writing of Hamza (هَمْزَة). This is 

         repeated throughout the three books, increasing 
         becoming more and more challenging, and only 
         based on the words studied) :

   (8) The book is in tear-out pages for easy handing-in(2).


Please note that these exercises were written with the idea that you will be learning with someone who will correct these assignments. In my experience, without practical written assignments which can be turned in and evaluated by a teacher, the student truly never knows if he understands properly.

Over the years of devising (and revising) these assignments, I have found that people who did not complete the assignments, did not in fact grasp much at all. It is quite obvious they actually understand very little properly. 


3- Verbal Exercise Supplement of Set 1. These are oral question sheets devised for pairing students together to help improve communication skills, as well as bringing the new grammar rules and vocabulary of Book 1 to life (See samples HERE

4- Preface and Study Guidebook in English. An introduction and preface concerning the Arabic Language and summary of grammar rules as well as complete vocabulary. Originally by Dr V, with addition by Muhammed Taha. (See samples HERE)


The Madinah Course (for Adults) : 

SET TWO : Three Books
دُروسُ اللُّغةِ العربيّةِ لِغيرِ النّاطِقينَ بِها-الْمُسْتَوى الثَّانِـيْ




(1) The second of Dr V. Abdul Rahim's (دُرُوسُ اللُّغةِ العربيّةِ لِغَيرِ النّاطِقينَ بِها), also rewritten and in full color. (See samples)


(2) A workbook in full color. (See samples HERE). Contains chapter-by-chapter quizzes, a summary of the book. Also ha s a booklet of examples from the Qur'an and the authentic Sunnah of many of the grammar rules.

Click HERE to see samples of actual written homework assignments of Book Two.

(3) Verbal exercise supplement in full color. (See samples)  

The Madinah Course (for Adults) : 

SET THREE : Four Books
دُروسُ اللُّغةِ العربيّةِ لِغيرِ النّاطِقينَ بِها-الْمُسْتَوى الثَّالِث




This is still a work in Progress!
(1) The third of Dr V's (دُرُوسُ اللُّغةِ العَربيّةِ لِغيرِ النَّاطِقينَ بِها), also rewritten and in full color. (See samples HERE)


(2) Kitaab ash-shawaahid contains an abundance of examples from the Qur'an and the authentic Sunnah for each of the grammar rules studied in the third grammar book. (See samples HERE)

(3) A workbook in full color.This is a comprehensive chapter by-chapter quiz assessing the level of each student's understanding of Dr V. Abdul Rahim's phenomenally important third book. If you can do these, your Arabic is Awesome! (See samples HERE)

Click HERE to see samples of actual written homework assignments of Book Three.


(4) Verbal exercise supplement in full color. (See samples HERE)



Advanced Madinah Course (Level One) : 
Three Books
Nusoos min al-hadeeth an-nabawiyyi ash-ashreef
نُصُوصٌ مِن الْـحَديث النَّـبَـوِيِّ الشَّرِيْف



(1) Dr V.'s original (I've not rewritten this). Black and white.

(2) Kitaab ash-shawaahid. (See samples HERE)


(3) A workbook (in Black and white) with tear-out sheets. (See samples HERE)
Click HERE to see samples of actual written homework assignments of an-nusoos.


Advanced Madinah Course (Level Two)

Three Books



This is still a work in Progress!


(1) Dr V's Abdul Rahim's original (I've not rewritten this). Black and white.


(2) Kitaab ash-shawaahid. The book is in black and white.


(3) A workbook (in black and white) with tear-out sheets.

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