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Surely You're Joking!



"Surely You're Joking!"―a take off of the book "Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman!"by the Nobel-winning physicist Richard Feynman―is an attempt to show a humorous side to Arabic Grammar.

You see, in Malaysia (particularly in the northern state; Kelantan) signs are often written in Jawi .

Jawi is the Arabic alphabet adapted for writing the Malay Language as in this sign below :



The Jawi (top-line, above) is the same wording as the English (Latin) letters, (bottom). Jawi is similar to a transliteration.

However, the Jawi sometimes carry meanings in Arabic not intended by those who made them! 

Taken mainly from signs, quotations or books I've come across, this part of the blog will be―I hope―not only humorous, but educational.

I will expalin the meaning, unknown to the poor sign-maker,  as well as expose the grammatical points involved. 


As usual, when I can, I will point to Dr V. Abdur Rahim's books for those who wish to revise the grammar rule in his book :


[Duroos 1, Chp 19] 


Or :

[Nusoos, al-hadeeth 12] 




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