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Dr V. Abdur Rahim's 'The Madinah Arabic Course' course دُرُوسُ اللُّغَةِ الْعَرَبـيَّـة لغَيْرِ النّاطِقِينَ بِـهَا, his books and his methodology have allowed people to comprehend the language of the Quran in a way not previously done. This is especially true for those using classical Arabic books to teach first time learners which were never meant for non-Arabs and certainly NOT for the beginner. 

The internet has allowed people to learn things on a massive scale in a way not previously thought possible. The sheer of numbers of people learning will naturally leave many learning a little bit but some people and a small pocket of people learning a whole lot and properly. However this cannot take place of a teacher. And this is particularly in language.

The 'Madinah Arabic Course' course  دُرُوسُ اللُّغَةِ الْعَرَبـيَّـة لغَيْرِ النّاطِقِينَ بِـهَا was devised with the impression that you will learn under someone who is knowledgeable to some degree in Arabic. There are innumerable brothers and sisters whose mother tongue is Arabic, or non-Arab graduates from Islamic Universities around the world, or merely those who have studied Arabic in Islamic high schools who—with relative ease—should be able to teach this course, as well as in the process re-learn what they may have forgotten. We advise to make a study circle composed of not more than twenty students three times a week, and to have the teacher conduct class in an Arabic medium, using only grammatically correct Arabic اللُّـغَـةُ الْفُـصْـحَـى. The instructor’s job is to merely liven the rules of the text and facilitate the verbal exercises. All this must be done in an Arabic medium only. I strongly advise to meet at least three times a week—faithfully and diligently—two hours per session.  Please don't forget that there are so many brothers out there in sisters or know the Arabic language they can teach Abdul Rahim system You must be patient and persistent most especially in writing homework assignments

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