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This blog concerns the Arabic Language, or more specifically the grammar of the Arabic Language. Having studied at the Islamic University in Medina, Saudi Arabia, and personally with Dr V. (ف) Abdur Rahim, and having been influenced by him, most of what I will write about will be heavily concentrated on his methodology and books.


This blog (الْمُدَوَّنَة) will contain lots of little bits and pieces―not quite as difficult, nor as serious as Dr V.'s Blog (which is probably the best on the web), but I hope it will be of benefit―In sha Allah.

Please look at the HEADERS above, and click on any one you feel interests you.

Understand, however, that had it not been for Dr V.'s books and his methodology I cannot imagine how I would have ever understood the Arabic language in its simplicity, much less its beauty. Honestly.

Having taught the language for almost twenty years and in the medium of Arabic has no doubt given me experience, however―with all sincerity―in the end, all praise is for Allah, it has been Dr V.'s books, articles, comments―it is to him, his long conversations and dialogues with me, to his writings that the credit is due.

There are times I will spend considerable time pondering over a rule, checking the books (classic grammar books, books of taf-seer, etc.) until I am simply either frustrated or not satisfied.

It is then that I ask Dr V. Abdur Rahim, only to find the answer so delightfully simple, it brings tiny tears to my eyes.

Additionally, not only is it refreshing to hear Arabic explained with such ease, but it's a humble reminder that there is always someone out there more knowledgeable than you―in spite of years of dedication.

So, I will present to the reader what I've learnt, the mistakes I've made, the joys I've had in teaching and in writing over 25 books not to mention countless essays in Arabic.

For those living in Malaysia, (and even those not), whom would like to see Arabic taught properly, and are interested in seeing a suitably implemented Arabic syllabus, please see the following article : 

 'Open Invitation'

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