Odds and Ends

This section I've made for "Odds and Ends" which are foras the title aptly impliesanything that doesn't seem to fit in the previous headings.

Some articles will be in English, others in Arabic, perhaps an occational one or two in Malay.


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Here are some videos I had made some time ago...
Remember, the mentioned webpage is now obsolete.

         Only use : www.Taha-Arabic.com

This next video, is the same as the above, but in the Malay language :

A "Here and There" video :

(1) A "funny" video (In Malay : Citgu Petak) (HERE)

(2) Another "funny" video (In Malay : Ular) (HERE)

(3) Another "funny" video (In Malay : Puppet) (HERE)

(4) Just when you think you can speak their
      language . . . Lost in Translation

(5) Nama-nama Buruk

(6) Arabic Is By Intentions

(7) When you teach how to write
     watch out for Satan's Device!

(8) A

(9) A
(10) A

(11) A

(12) A

(13) A

(14) A

The Anatomy of a book :
Writing a book involves constant revision. I thought to put examples of what I go thru for new authors to know that practice makes perfect.

(1) Book 5 : Tamaareen : Part 1

(2) Book 5 : Tamaareen : Part 2