Fourth Level (نصوصٌ)

These are articles related to teaching tips, or methodologies for Dr V. Abdul Rahim's Fourth Book, or :

The Madinah Course (Advanced Level) : SET 4
نُصوصٌ مِن الْحَدِيث النَّبَوِيّ الشَّريفِ-الْمُسْتَوى الرَّابِع

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Advanced Course Book Level Four :

This is a very comprehensive index of Dr V.'s :
 نُصُوصٌ مِن الْـحَديث النَّبويّ الشَّرِيف.
The page numbers follow the OLD edition (1988), but the references to the Aayaat still apply.

Advanced Workbook Level Four :
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Advanced Kitaab ash-shawaahid Level Four :
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